Ran Aharoni's Website

This website is under construction. I don't have any deadline set for it to be done, so don't expect it to be ready anytime soon.

Meanwhile, here's a little bit about me...

My name is Ran Aharoni, I'm a devote explorer of complex ways to find simplicity. I'm currently the tech lead at Rankkin. I spend most of my time doing the same I've been doing ever since I was 13yo, programming. I'm currently based in Barcelona.

Throughout my carreer I've been involved in different types of applications, and roles: Full stack, web designer, front-end, back-end, devops, DBA, sysadmin, you name it. I have designed Restful APIs, Complex databases for social networking software, developed mobile apps, led teams, tought programming and software engineering concepts and best practices.

My main expertise lays in JavaScript & PHP, but I have a fluid knoledge of Python, Java, C/C++, Lua, Bash. I'm curious by nature, a thing which helped me a lot in the course of my carrer.

Lately in my free time I've been diving into GoLang, GraphQL & Machine learning.

I'm a UI/UX freak, and I love ove React.JS & React Native. I'm an experienced backed dev who loves CSS, weird isn't it?

I love working in teams, I love sharing and learning from others, but I must stay that it feels good being able to be a one-man army if needed.

I'm curious by nature, tech enthusiast + professional, music lover.